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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
MS mindgame11April 29, 2018Details
More family issues11April 29, 2018Details
Family issues12April 29, 2018Details
My sister 19April 26, 2018Details
Promises of GOD Recovery19April 26, 2018Details
The Families of Hope24April 24, 2018Details

MS mindgame

Donna Thomas
What a wonderful site! Prayer is a priceless privilege-and a powerful weapon! Diagnosed w/the gift of MS, 3 days after Christmas. Please pray that I will remain a light for Christ, an encouragement of others, one who inspires-and shows we can have peace in the puzzle, and joy on the journey! Your prayers will impact someone else. THANK YOU!!! ???

More family issues

Mike Ellis
Please pray for our son Dtew who is dealung with a bad split from his girlfriend. She threaghten violence against him and he struggled with what to do. He has a big heart and wanted to find a way to help her. It was hard for him to realize he couldn't solve all her problems.

Family issues

Mike Ellis
My soon to be son in law has been diagnosed with a bad Aortic heart valve and has been seeing a surgeon for options on replacing it. At 1 am this morning, he awoke from sleep with a bad heart fluttering and chest pain and is currently at the hospital being evaluated for a possible heart attack. Please lift Ben up and ask for wisdom for the doctors and peace for Ben and Sarah as they nove through this event.

My sister

Dave Fuhrman
Peggi Ridgway (Oklahoma) With inoperable cancer

Promises of GOD Recovery

Steven Newberry
Please pray we find a location soon so we can start leading people to JESUS and out of the bonds of addiction. In JESUS name Amen! THANK YOU

The Families of Hope

Paul Malson
Praying for all the families of Hope Church.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.